This colorwash quilt was a gift to my neighbor for dogsitting my pooch for one whole month.

The second quilt I ever made. I designed in myself using graph paper. It is not paper-pieced.

I designed this quilt on EQ. Below is the finished top.

Below is the first "appli-pieced" quilt I made. This technique has been my go-to method since.

Queen-sized Quilt in a Day. Took longer than a day, though.

This quilt is pieced in six sections, then quilted, with the poppies appliqued last. I didn't want to waste fabric.

A souvenir of my trip to Africa.

This is just a little hostess gift for friends.

This was a collaboration quilt. I pieced the stars, Debra Dixon made the embroidered lighthouses, and Deb Geyer did the quilting. This is the EQ version.

"Stay the Course" won a few ribbons.

A Stack 'n Whack quilt for my stepdaughter Michelle.

I made hundreds of these one year.

This was the result of a Can't Believe it's a Sweatshirt class.

My very, very first quilt, 1997. For my granddaughter Shannon.

A Thimbleberries creation.

I wanted to challenge myself with this Bristol Star. It was definitely challenging!

I do love sharp points!

Another pointy challenge. The black background fabric faded, so it lives in a dark closet.

Another self-challenge quilt. The fun was in piecing it. One of these days I'll finish it. Maybe.

A little thing I whipped up after a trip to Alaska. I love the classic quilt blocks in the background.

A quilt design I made in EQ for my second granddaughter Amy.

The real thing.

This Amish-inspired quilt was tough! The finished squares are 1"

This was like the third quilt I ever made. I was in WAY over my head!

I love this piecing design using nautical panels. I gave it to my son, who is into everything sailing.

This day and night quilt was for granddaughter #3, Savannah. This is the night side.

The day side

This little art quilt was the grand prize at my golf club's annual tournament.


  1. Love your works of art! I, too, was a quilter for 30 years, but I was never able to achieve a true creative spirit as you have. I admire your skill and patience with such a challenging craft.

  2. Hi Rian, it's Meme, your quilts are such beautiful works of art!!
    So gorgeous, all of them!


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