I have been busily setting the stage for the party one week from today. Official countdown begins.

The liquor shelf is full.

The white wine is chillin'. There is more on the shelf below. Red wine is in a box on the floor.

I am worried someone might trip going to/from the garage where the bar will be, but I found these battery-operated stars to grab their attention. The garage is a step down from the house. We had arranged for a nine year-old ambassador to watch the door, but she got a better offer.

This is the official staging area. A place for everything and everything in its place.

More stuff. It's a birthday party, so I got birthday napkins for the cake.

This is the cake. A new uppity, gourmet specialty store opened up last week and they had this. It's a wee bit small, but if we cut very small pieces it will work, and who wants to stuff a sizable hunk of ordinary grocery store birthday cake in their pie-hole anyway. This one is flourless and gorgeous.

I made two batches (84!) of spinach balls yesterday. These we will bring to this weekend's holiday gatherings to share. They're basically herb stuffing mix, Parmesan cheese, and spinach. Baked.

This year we are hosting Christmas dinner for the family and we are doing a New Year's Eve dinner party for a few close friends. But those are small. I'm going to make a roast chicken for Christmas, and beef short ribs for New Year's Eve.

HO HO HO! Let the fun begin!!


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