Two Steps Forward, One Step Back....

I have not blogged much lately because there hasn't been much to share.

My golf clubs are in the garage collecting dust. I have not played since late July.

I haven't done much quilting on the Eclipse quilt, because I can't sit for long. But I've done some of the rudimentary quilting. A little.

I could sew about four lines before I'd have to quit, the pain was that intense.

I underwent seven painful sessions of Physical Therapy, which helped in the long run, but didn't fix me. At times I thought it was too intense...pain went from my groin to my ankle. But I soldiered on, riding the recumbent bicycle at the club. Thank God for the club! (Came with the house.) I was also permitted to use the elliptical, which I would have enjoyed, but I could not climb on it. Talk about feeling old!

Some days I felt like I had turned the corner, but then PT would set me back again. I decided to skip my eighth and final PT session and go back to my orthopedic surgeon instead. I gave him the rundown and asked if I could have a cortisone injection. He said yes. They (multiple docs) looked again at my MRI and X-ray and they agreed there is nothing structurally wrong there, just inflammation. Basically. Probably caused by arthritis. My hamstrings were a knotted mess and very painful, but no cysts. So good news there!

Enough of that. This is what it looks like to get a cortisone injection:

Everything is digital nowadays, the images of my knee were on the screen and with ultrasound they could see where the needle was going. It didn't hurt, just a pinch and a band-aid. Instant relief.

This morning I could even sit here and blog. With both knees bent!

I'm not 100% but I am 98. I can sit and stand without groaning. I sprang out of bed this morning without stiffness or pain.

Today I'm going to hit the bicycle again (it's to keep range of motion) and tomorrow I am going to the range. My goal is to play golf November 1. Two weeks.

And finish that quilt, because I have other ideas percolating and Christmas is coming in nine weeks.