Life and the Holiday Season

Yes, it's upon us once again. Thanksgiving with the family, well half of the family, some were sick with a stomach virus and couldn't come. So it was just the five of us, three generations. 

Chris cooked an amazing turkey, as always. He does brilliant turkey. Look: a turkey and a ham all in one photo...

Here Chris shows 8 year old Savannah the giblets. "Ewwww....."

I attempt a selfie with my darling Michelle. 

I made an amazing gluten free apple tart that I will surely make again when duty calls. I don't bake, and working with gluten free flours is tricky, so we all kept our expectations low, but it was outrageously good. I got the recipe from I Breathe I'm Hungry and it looked exactly like the picture below. Beautiful in its simplicity. 

I am just about finished with my annual seasonal cold (caught on the airplane I am sure), so I had a lot of couch time over the Thanksgiving weekend. I have 90% of the shopping done. If you don't have Amazon Prime, you're missing out. Free shipping on everything and it is on your porch in two days. Sometimes one. 

Amazon Prime also has free movies. We had a bit of a movie marathon over the weekend (sadly, no popcorn). This was good:

Yesterday was Cyber Monday and we got JJ a new computer. Saved $400. It's an "all in one." No tower, the processor is part of the screen. We hadn't planned on buying it just now, but JJ's computer has been threatening to die for months and $400 was a huge motivator, so we jumped at it. Score!

I did get outside to drain, clean, and fill the hot tub. It was 80 degrees on Thanksgiving and the day before. But then it turned cold. 

 It's beautiful and sunny, but cold. I love this bougainvillea.

I decided to not put up a tree this year. I waffled for days but the decision is final. No tree.

But we are not completely devoid of cheer and decorations. 

This is what I'll be doing Monday. I think I'm finally well enough to get out there.


  1. Your photos make for a wonderful family Thanksgiving. Simplicity in holiday decorations is a good idea, however, Taylor will probably put up the tree soon. Taylor and Dan just love Christmas! We sure love your blog! xoxo Mikie


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