Home Again

There's not much to tell you about our transatlantic crossing other than it was uneventful. We flew overnight across the pond in cramped economy but we were able to sleep most of the way with Ambien from my doctor. We were whisked off to the ship by a delightful driver and we discussed politics all the way, which is always fun in foreign lands. We discussed Brexit primarily, but the Trump/HRC subject was hammered to death with everyone we encountered.

I did not take my camera because there's not a lot to take pictures of out there on the deep blue ocean, but I did take a couple photos with my phone & iPad (some I snatched online). Now to see if I can find them and actually insert them into this post. 

Here's one, at Legal Seafood in Boston Harbor, our first port after leaving Southampton a week earlier. You might think it strange to go for food when on a cruise; I did. But truthfully the ship food wasn't that great, and when in Boston... 

I was traveling with Sarah & Bill from Dallas, and Jim. 

We had a mix of weather, we had one calm sunny day and some bumpy days, and some VERY bumpy days. One day the buffet, which is on 14, toppled plates, glassware, cereal and PEOPLE everywhere. We chose to stay low down in the ship that day and eat lunch in the dining room, sitting down. The ocean motion doesn't bother me but there were times during the night I thought I'd go flying across the room. No one got much sleep that night. 

We spent most of our days here. The card room. We played contract bridge all afternoon long.

Celebrity Eclipse is a beautifully appointed floating hotel.

There is actual grass on the top deck! Can you stand it? Not that we ever spent time up there while going across the ocean, it's very windy and cold. 

It was a gorgeous day in NYC but way too cold for us Californians, so we stayed on board. We've been there many times. JJ does a sudoku puzzle while I fiddle with my iPad. The double espresso macchiato is divine. 

We were docked next to the USS Intrepid. Photo taken with iPad. Looking south (Hudson River)

We had an overnight in the City and took an excursion to Harlem and the famous Cotton Club. Fantastic! Solomon Hicks (left) reminded me of a young George Benson. Such talent!

I took this photo through the dirty window of the Sky Bar, with my phone. 
It was an incredible sunset sailaway! 

But there's no place like home!! Thanks for visiting. 💖


  1. Welcome back! Your photos are good. I'll show Judy today. xoxo Mikie

  2. Those NYC pictures make me want to go there again. You must be a seasoned cruiser to be so calm about the bumpy days at sea!

  3. Sounds and looks like a nice relaxing way to travel.....well, except for the rocking and rolling. I wouldn't have liked that at all. Very cute pic of you at Legal Seafood. Wonder if they have vegan lobster !


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