You'd Never Know

We are completely back to normal around here. All the construction and touch-up is finished and the house professionally cleaned and polished. JJ is back to playing bridge and I am back to playing golf.

Today you would never know they had been here or the extent of the project. They pretty much had to rebuild the frame and secure the interior walls to it.

I thought I'd show you a little B&A (Before and After). I got the big camera working again. The battery had started to swell and I couldn't get it out of the compartment without a tool (paring knife). It too is all better now. Wish I could say the same for my golf game. 

This is one of the corners of the office, which was the room that was pulled up from the slab. It lifted about 3/8" from the floor.

They had to cut all the walls away so they could re-bolt it to the slab.

And they had to re-hang the doors and straighten and lower the jambs.

Here is the finished wall today. 

This was one of many ceiling corners. 

They have drilled into the new frame and bolted the walls to it. 

Here it is today.

This was the shower enclosure before. The whole thing pulled away from the ceiling.



We're so glad to get this behind us. We were at a party last night and our neighbors are all nervous because their turn is coming. 

Now I can work on a new quilt project and my golf game. 


  1. So happy for you .... it all looks perfect. Do you qualify as an earthquake shelter now?
    Hope the golf game is fixed as well.....altho it probably doesn't need much tweeting....just more playing.


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