The Big News Is

It. Is. Raining!

Good thing I rescheduled golf from today (Monday) to Wednesday. Pretty smart cookie I am. Our "golf commissioner" said he doubted it would actually rain, but we are getting a good soaking, complete with lightening and thunder, which happens maybe once in 10 or 15 years in coastal southern California. But I'm hunkered down inside, not going anywhere until golf on Wednesday. 

JJ got me an iPad Air for my birthday--which was three months ago, but we don't generally buy each other birthday and Christmas gifts, we get what we want/need when we want/need it, and we stick to a budget so we can afford to take once-in-a-lifetime trips a few times a year.

Which is what we are doing soon (more on that in a minute). So JJ asked me if I was taking the laptop on the cruise, and I said I didn't think so because it's a hassle to deal with at the airport and internet at sea is painstakingly slow. It's sometimes good off the ship in the port terminal, but you can't count on it. So off we went to Best Buy--I already knew exactly what I wanted and they had it in stock. It's an iPad Air.

Man, is it sweet. It is a for-real computer and comes with word processing and spreadsheet software. Unlike my Dell PC laptop, where I had to add ($) a word processing program. And if you can't figure out how to do something, like turn off the bluetooth or set the alarm for example, you can ask Siri to do it. Siri will write a note or schedule an appointment with a reminder, you don't have to type in anything. You can ask it where is a drycleaner or if you will need an umbrella today.

I love technology. Seriously. I'm glad I lived long enough to see all this cool new stuff. I still need my Kindle, because that's where all my books are, and Kindle doesn't share very well with iStuff as far as I know.

We are leaving on a cruise this week. Not a glamour cruise, but a transatlantic crossing, a "repositioning" cruise. Every fall they take the cruise ships to warmer waters (and back in spring) like the Caribbean or South America. People like to go south in winter to get warm and cruise the tranquil, turquoise waters of the tropics.

Because on a repo cruise you spend most of your trip at sea and not in exotic ports, which cost the cruise line big bucks to dock and they pass this expense on to the customer, the price is rather reasonable. Not exactly rock-bottom, but a good value. They are still feeding you and making your bed every day, and shaking your martinis and entertaining you in the evenings.

We are going with our friends Bill & Sarah, who we met on a transpacific cruise last year. I can't find the pictures...I'd ask Siri but I haven't loaded any pictures onto iPad yet. Anyway, these are our Dallas friends, and they invited us to go with them. We will play bridge every day while crossing the Atlantic, which takes 6 or 7 days, and nobody has to cook or do dishes or make a bed for 15 days. We do get a few overnights in port, notably Boston and New York City.

This is Celebrity Eclipse, a sister ship to the Millenium that we were on a few years ago. 

Blu, one of the many dining options onboard.

Wine cellar. 

Martini Bar.

World Class Bar. I like the sound of that. 

I haven't decided for sure yet but I'm considering not taking my big camera, instead using the camera in my cellphone--the iPad has a camera too, and it might be fun to experiment with. There won't be a whole lot to capture out there on the high seas anyway. 

This week we are packing and getting some grooming services done. We fly out Friday evening, arriving in London mid-morning Saturday. Our friends arrive from Dallas around the same time and we will go directly to the ship, where we have been invited to a sailaway party at 5. See you when I get back! 


  1. Rain, a new toy and packing for a cruise....what more could you ask for ? Well, maybe a low handicap but don't push the 'good-life-gods' too far...... Cruise sounds like a fun time....just being treated well and not having to trudge thru touristy historic sites. My kind of trip.
    You'll love the iPad and wonder how you managed before. I'm all in on Apple with a Mac book, a mini iPad and of course my phone. The mini is 1st generation and really only good for reading the Kindle app. I'll be lobbying for a new one soon....after all the kids always want to know what to get us !
    Enjoy the high seas !!

  2. Rian, you will love, love your new iPad. It is so easy to take photos and mail or upload to another program. I'm on my second one. We get "gifts" at work for doing our job and I gave my first one to my sister. Enjoy your cruise.


  3. Your cruise sounds heavenly. Jealous I am!

  4. get the Kindle app for you iPad!


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