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I love Independence Day, I dare say it’s my favorite holiday. It’s our opportunity to be patriotic to a great country that doesn’t get a lot of respect these days. There is so much anti-American, anti-Christian bullshit going around and that makes me sad. (Pissed off is more like it.) Happy Birthday, America!

So what did we do to celebrate? Nada.

Friday we cooked a pork tenderloin on the barbie. It was a perfect southern California evening and we decided to eat outside. I tripped on the door frame going in and took a flying header and landed on my shoulder. Birds circled my head and went “tweet tweet.” I was fine and life went on, albeit slowly. But by Sunday my shoulder hurt real bad and I couldn’t even lift my right arm to comb my hair. I knew I had to go to a doctor. My options were go to an urgent care center or make an appointment Monday. I chose the latter and I canceled Tuesday’s golf tournament. Rats.

Well, by this morning (Monday), it feels fine. I even thought about rejoining golf tomorrow, but I will stay home and use the time to clean house instead.

Around here, I sewed some pillows and cocktail napkins, inspiration courtesy of my blog-friend Mary in Maryland, who lives in Colorado. I love the pillows and now I want to make a hundred more.

Our neighbors invited us over for drinks and I made these…they fit her color scheme. LOVE THESE…aren’t they fun? I love polka dots.

While I was at it I cut fabric for more napkins. We’re going to visit friends in Dallas soon and they have a lake house…I have a ton of this nautical fabric…they will make a nice hostess gift, and I’m going to make some holiday ones too.

We are still holding fast to our diets although not losing any real weight…I need to get out and exercise more. So today I joined the hiking club, and while I was at it I joined the art class, which is tomorrow. Ordinarily I’d be on the golf course, but as I said, I canceled. So I’ll go check it out. I don’t know how I’ll find time for two more weekly activities, but I’m going to try.

In other news, the Dalai Lama is coming to Orange County to celebrate his 80th birthday.

There was an article in the LA Times today about sugary drinks. If you or someone you love drinks sports drinks, you should know that sugary drinks are linked to 25,000 deaths in the U.S. in ONE YEAR! I think that’s staggering!

You can read the entire article HERE. Health experts predict dire consequences.

It’s not the dying that’s so bad, none of us gets out alive, it’s the debilitating mental and physical decline and chronic disease you have to suffer through on your way out the door.


  1. Oh, my gosh! What is it with accidents over the weekend? I had a granite slab (the kind you put on your non-granite counter when you want to make pie dough or other pastry and need a cool surface) leaning against the kitchen cabinets only to have to flop over and whack my toes. Ouch! Glad you are better now and hope you get back to golf soon.

    Love the cocktail napkins!

  2. I should have bought stock in Coke years ago as I love it. Making gifts out of your fabric collection is a wonderful idea. The pillows look so nice. Let's hear more about your art class. Your sister, M.


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