Next Stop: Paradise


I thought I should tell my diminishing group of regular readers that I will be gone for a while and I should not just disappear for a month. Dear burglars, there is nothing to steal. Our TVs and stereo equipment are ancient. We sold the gold jewelry years ago.

We are heading to the South Pacific for a cruise that goes from Tahiti to Peru, and we’ll continue on to Machu Picchu. I’ll post pictures and tell stories when I return at the end of the month.

My bags are packed and now I’m off to get a haircut and pedicure.

Love you!


  1. Oh, you lucky you! Sounds fabulous. I'm off to Google maps to figure out how you cruise from Tahiti to Peru to Machu Picchu (wherever that is!) Nothing like vicarious travel to learn something new.

    Is there no Wifi in those parts of the world? Maybe the boat will have something and you can send us the tiniest little note along the way to keep us envious .

  2. Tahiti and the surrounding islands are just beautiful! In fact, I have on a t-shirt from Moorea today. Hope that we have a chance to return someday - it was a wonderful cruise.

    Have a fantastic, safe trip!!!


  3. OH MY !! Color me green !! Be careful on that high altitude excursion in Peru.....NO alcohol and LOTS of not get dehydrated or you will have excruciating headaches and feel really really bad....It is very high at MP and I hope they offer suggestions for avoiding altitude sickness. Otherwise, eat, drink and be merry and think of those of us back here in blog land once in awhile. We await your glorious pics and stories .......

  4. Have a wonderful time and I'll look forward to seeing the pictures on your return!

  5. Hope you are having a great time~love to hear of your adventures when you get home~sorry you are not posting updates on your trip~always love following along

  6. Looking forward to your arrival back in CA....and your blog posts with pictures and stories! What a fabulous trip!


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