We haven’t been to the new house in a while, so no new photos. Our focus has been on eating. Honestly!


Warning: Today’s blog entry is a rant of sorts. I recently read a book called “Wheat Belly,” and, thanks to Judy in Washington, I read a lengthy synopsis of the book “Grain Brain.”

I don’t have any sensitivity to wheat or gluten, at least I didn’t think I did, but when I read that wheat (i.e. gluten) could be a migraine trigger, that got my attention! For a long time I kept a migraine diary and never could identify the trigger…it was not the usual suspects like chocolate, wine, or cheese. Bright lights or reflective flashes of sunlight do it sometimes, but not always, so the jury is still out on that. I know for certain that if I play 18 holes of golf in extreme (106+) heat I will often get a migraine. But not always.

More often that not I’d get a migraine in absence of those triggers.

ab96daa8e7306d155fec9a7b9af06551 Whoever made these illustrations of the migraine aura did a damn fine job.

But wheat? Healthy whole grains? The backbone of a USDA-approved healthy diet? Could a healthy turkey sandwich on whole-wheat bread be the culprit? The anti-wheat brigade says “it definitely could!”

There might be other sensitivities (e.g. aspartame) that trigger migraines, but the wheat connection can’t be denied. That’s enough for me right there! Since I stopped eating wheat I have not had a migraine, but that in itself won’t mean much until more time has elapsed. I hate the meds I take for migraine SO MUCH that I’ll try anything! Gladly!

So, in addition to focusing my attentions on food itself (it takes forever to read all those labels!) I have been reading everything I can find online (and there is a staggering amount of info out there, thank you Al Gore for inventing the internet) about wheat.

Just one more word before I get down from the soapbox: J and I have both been wheat-free and [nearly] sugar-free for several weeks now and we BOTH feel better than we have in years. YEARS! We have more energy, sharper mental clarity, better moods, we’re sleeping SO much better…and hunger pangs are gone.

Cooking in the apartment is limited by the lack of spices, equipment, and ventilation, so we started eating things like chicken pot pies, English muffins with jam, blueberry muffins, Stouffer’s dinners, deli-prepared sandwiches, spaghetti, tuna noodle casserole, and cookies. We normally don’t eat cookies but we tasted a sample of these and we bought some because they are incredible. We know sugar is poison, but we conveniently forgot because it was a just temporary situation. That was our reasoning. What the hell.

But after just a few weeks of eating like that, we were feeling like crap. We had no energy, no “chi.” But all that has changed. We’ve lost some weight, but we don’t have a scale so we don’t know how much, we just know we feel a heck of a lot better.


  1. Interesting post, Rian. I occasionally get ocular migraines and never thought about that connection. Hmmmmm.....

  2. We are what we eat !! I'm basically plant based and sugar free unless we're invited to someone's house and then I don't make a big deal of it. If I do stray, I feel lethargic and dull……..I'm not always 100% but trying is half the battle. Good for you …. you'll acquire new tastes in no time …. In Denver, waiting for the SNOW !! Sue

  3. Hello Ma'am, I wanted to use the Wheat seeds picture for my final presentation in college. Can I use it? I will give your reference as a citation.


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