Valleys and Peaks

What I mean is, life and time pass not in a steady line, but more like peaks and valleys. Ups and downs. We’ve been in a valley for a long while. No bummers, it’s just slow. But yesterday we had a peak. I have something to blog about!

First, we went up to The OC to see the house. We hadn’t been for a while, so we saw lots of progress. I swear it’s like waiting for a baby to be born. SIX MORE WEEKS! ARGGGGH!

The house has been painted, and it’s not as bad a yellow as I thought it would be—it shows up lighter in the photos than it really is. I don’t know why. 047

What I don’t get is why they would paint three houses in a row yellow. Slightly different shades, but still yellow. Ours is kind of an earthy yellow, even though it looks cream in the photos. Trust me, it’s YELL-LOW.


This will be the kitchen. Texture is being sprayed on the walls and the ceiling has been painted (some shade of white). The walls will be Sherwin Williams “Softer Tan.” The door goes to the laundry, pantry, and garage. Master bedroom on the right. 043

This is the so-called great room. The fireplace surround is not supposed to be there. We paid extra ($2,000) to NOT have it, if you can believe that. They will remove it; it’s already been handled. It’s amazing how much larger the rooms seem now. It’s coming together!044

Here’s our itty-bitty back yard. A whopping 13’ to the fence, LOL! But there’s enough space for a hot tub by the bedroom (yay). Our bedroom door is where that white sack is. The pole will go away, of course. 042

Then we went to the “Kid’s” house for Mother’s Day dinner. Here is Michelle, my stepdaughter; the dearest, sweetest person you ever met. Yes, she is wearing a tiara. Chris is cooking salmon and sauteed spinach. Delicious! He’s a great cook. They are both slim because THEY DON’T EAT WHEAT! And neither do we, any longer. But that’s a subject for another day. 


Here’s Savannah. She turned 6 a couple weeks ago. She’s a little pistol. 048

Around the corner from their house, we got in a hit-and-run accident. Nobody was hurt but our nerves were frazzled. A great big truck zoomed up to within a foot from us, then backed way off, then zoomed up again, then backed off, and when we went to turn onto their street, he rammed us good. We saw it coming in our mirrors, so it was scary. He sped off before I could see his full license. J turned back to the main street and chased after him, but he was nowhere to be found.

Chris suggested we call the police and file a report, which turned out to be a smart idea. The officer came and spent a long time taking the report, and said he was going to go look for the truck. Slow day in San Clemente, I guess. Anyway, he was a delightful young man and joked around with us. We were out there quite a while, so there was some clowning around.055

Michelle is no longer wearing the tiara because *I* am wearing it!


  1. What a great looking house, inside and out. I like the yellow and the tile roof. So glad it's all coming together for you and you can visualize the end product.
    And wear that tiara proudly….you've earned it. S


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