Mobile Alabama and New Orleans Looziana

We originally intended to do nothing more than eat and sleep in Mobile, but we discovered that Mobile has a lot of charm and history…and some amazing houses. So we went on a little tour…..

The light wasn’t as good the next day, weather had rolled in, but here are a few of the houses I snapped:



Even this lil bitty shotgun house is sweet and lovely.IMG_9112

Next is New Orleans. We rolled into town in the afternoon and JJ went up to take a nap, but the sun was out and I went photographing. Here are some everyday street scenes:

I wonder what she was selling.IMG_9129

I was photographing the chopper when this old guy in a Harley-Davidson shirt stopped in his tracks to admire the bike. IMG_9144

These kids were sharing a bottle of hooch and just digging the sunshine.IMG_9145

Not pizza delivery. Look closer. IMG_9156


  1. Thought of you when seeing the news about the Mobile explosions. Gosh those houses are wonderful ! Oh how I love NOLA! We were there not long ago. I'm sure that girl was standing in the same place when we walked down that st, too :) Did you watch Treme on HBO? Recommended by a local as being completely authentic. Worth watching if you haven't seen it...

  2. How come that van never rolls up to my house???LOL! Looks like you are having a good time.


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