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First up, we sold the motorhome! Yippee, we are so happy. We feel like a weight has been lifted and we can get on with the next chapter of our life. We ended up selling it to the first guy who looked at it. He offered us a very low offer and we said “no deal.” Well, time went by and we had very little interest, although we did have some, and all our paid ads had expired, so we decided to give that guy a call and, if he was still interested, accept his offer. He said, “I’ll call you.” Uh-oh.

A week went by. We paced. We worried. We asked ourselves, should we call him? I said, “hey, wait a minute, today’s a holiday, maybe he went away—let’s give him until tomorrow.” He called the next day. And he flew down the day after that and drove Rover to Northern California. Done.

Now we can decide what to do with our summers since the “traveling condo” concept didn’t work out. This summer we are traveling in July (Ireland, Scotland, Norway), but there is still August and September to endure. We think we’ll go up to the central coast and visit friends in August, and in September we’ll go over to the coast and see about buying an itty-bitty condo. I am looking online already.

We had snow on Wednesday, and the mountains were beautiful and white. This shot was taken yesterday (Thursday) from the golf course—the snow is already mostly gone. It doesn’t mean it’s not cold, though. I wore long, heavy pants and a fleece vest the whole round. DSCF1164

When we first moved to the desert I played a bunch of different courses and settled on this one to join. (Not the course, but the women’s club.) Indian Springs is a challenging but interesting and fun course, and I love to play it. LOVE. I really like the women I play with, and I am on the board so I have an interest in the club itself.


We have to tee off at 7:00 AM. In December and January, it’s still dark at 7. February is a little better, at least the sun is up, but it’s fricken freezing out there! I hate getting up at 5:15, in the dark, in 38 degrees, stiff as a board even though I stretch in the shower and warm up. HATE. The manager of the course, a real horse’s ass, won’t budge on the time. Or the rates. We get no special rate.

Consequently, when a nearby course re-opened last year, there was a mass exodus of members who left for that course, for the reasons I mentioned. Today we have very few members who play on a regular basis, usually only 10 to 12 of us diehards who are committed to keeping our club going because we care.

I also belong to that other club, even though I seldom play there. But I can’t play with the members if I am not a member. Capture

To the point: I am thinking of dropping Indian Springs next season. PDCC is a nice enough course, but I don’t love it like I do Indian Springs. They tee up at 8:30, which is a whole hour and a half better in winter. Plus, it’s an active, enterprising club with many members, and tournaments and events, etc. Our little club doesn’t have enough people to even think about hosting tournaments. It’s kind of sad and I’m really torn.

Okay, next topic:

Now that the motorhome problem situation is off my plate, and I have finished the task of finding/deciding/booking all the plans for our month-long sojourn to the North and Arctic Seas this summer, I have started to think about quilting.

I have decided to make Christmas quilts for [undisclosed recipients] this year. I am exploring fabrics and designs. It’s a start, and it is bringing my attention back to studio and fabric. There was a time when I didn’t think I’d ever make any more big quilts, but right now that’s where my interest lies; art will come later. I want to make another quilt for us, too. We use them every day--it gets mighty cold at night in the desert, even when the days are warm.

How about a recipe: Calgary Salmon. I call it that because we first had it in Calgary, Canada. It’s a winner and makes in a snap.

3 TBS soy sauce
2 TBS maple syrup
1” chunk fresh ginger, grated (optional)
2 pieces salmon fillets

As usual I’m guessing at the amounts, so make it to your taste. Preheat the oven to 350. Combine the first three ingredients in a small dish.

Heat a skillet or grill pan on the stovetop and drizzle a little oil on it. Place the salmon face down on the pan and sear until a golden crust forms. Turn the salmon and drizzle on half of the sauce. Place the pan in the oven for about 10 minutes, or until it is cooked to your liking. Plate and drizzle on the rest of the sauce. Delicious.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Big quilts now that your mid-arm is gone? Oh well. At least you are thinking of getting back to the studio. That has to be a good thing!

  2. Salmon looks delicious!

    Glad you sold the Beast and now you are off and running, unencumbered. Looking forward to the travelogue as you know I travel vicariously through you:)

    Good luck with the quilts too. The desert as you said gets mighty chilly:)

  3. Congrats on the sale! Bet that felt good to have it gone. Haven't been to Norway or Ireland, but Scotland was great! I'll bet that marinade would be good on anything almost!

  4. The salmon sounds very good. I actually made it with maple sugar and mustard recently. Also delicious.

  5. Congrats on selling your motorhome. I'm sure it's a relief to cross that off your list. Your next trip sounds fun.

  6. Great newsy post.....glad you sold the MH but I'm still sorry that it wasn't to your liking......but given a choice between San Diego and a lumbering box, I don't think it's much of a contest. Enjoy the search. Sorry you have to be concerned about where you play golf as well as just playing golf. Since I'm not in your league, those concerns aren't going to come up.....I'm surprised that it's still so cold there....despite one weekend of cold, we have had lovely 80 degree sunshine. That's still my favorite way to eat salmon.


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