I try to put interesting and different subjects on my blog when I can, because there is always something to learn in this wonderful world of ours.

Today I went to a polo match. The polo fields are a stone’s throw away from my house. I bet I could hit a golf ball from my house to here.

Let’s learn a little about the Sport of Kings.

But first, an apology for the crappy photos. I had my point-n-shoot with me, which has a lag time of about 2 seconds, so when horses are running by and you are zoomed to the max, this is what you see. Oh well.


Polo started in Persia, a long time ago. Like BC. There are 4 players on each team and a couple of referees. They toss up the ball and hit it down the field with their mallets (correct term) until they put it through the goal posts. Pretty basic. It plays pretty much like a soccer game except that they’re on horses.


It was kind of cool, but a couple of horses came close to getting beaned on the noggin with the ball (correct term). No helmets for the horses, I wonder what the ASPCA would have to say about that.


Okay, enough of that crap.

I won first place (net) in the eclectic tournament today! I shot a 98, which breaks down to a 66 net—WOW! Congratulations to ME!


  1. I have watched movies with people and horses playing Polo and I have seen Prince William play on tv, but really never knew much about the game. I was surprised only four people on a team. For some reason I thought it was more but now that I think about it that would make a lot of chaos on horseback.

    I always did wonder if horses got hurt by the ball or the mallet.

    Congrats again on your win. You deserve it.

  2. Congratulations on that golf score! Not too shabby for an old gal:):):) LOL:):) (From one old gal to another.)

    ASPCA indeed. Still, fun to learn something new.

  3. WOW! Congratulations to YOU!

    xoxo Mikie

  4. Oh, you made me laugh out loud! Congratulations!!!!!


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