Campin’ Kinda

We are parked in our motorhome in Paradise by the Sea RV Resort near Buccaneer Beach, Oceanside, California, USA.



It’s warm for the beach, mid-80s, but it beats the 115 degrees we would be enduring in the desert. It’s hot all over the southwest. I think it’s supposed to cool down to normal next week, which, for the beach, means 70s.

Our daughter Michelle and granddaughter Savannah are out from Connecticut, and second-daughter/more-than-a-friend Holly is here, too. Yep, we’re all sleeping in Rover. We have family here in San Diego County and we all got together for dinner and a family snapshot last night. JJ and Jack, the other male in the back, are first cousins.


So that’s what we’ve been up to. In our tiny little manse are more shoes than I can count, plus a Dora the Explorer backpack, dolls, stuffed animals, clothes, and purses to trip over. It’s a minefield.

We hope to sell the RV because we hate to drive it, and if we can sell it we’ll buy a little condo in Carlsbad—much more our speed. But we are considering storing at the coast and just driving the car home, and coming back next summer. It is a much less expensive option than buying a piece of real estate near the coast, and we already own it.


  1. Great family photo! My goodness, how Savannah has grown. I've been through the Dora stage with two granddaughters. Right now, B.E. is into stuffed horses and Squinkies--another minefield.

  2. Carlsbad, now there's a great spot! Your post made me miss SD County, even after 35 years here in the PNW. Enjoy your family time!


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