Happy Mothers Day

A little early, but while I’m here…I hope you all have a very nice weekend and get to do some fun things with your family. No plans here—J said he’d take me golfing, but I have no one to play with. Everyone’s out of town.

Golf the other day in the heat wasn’t bad, we teed off at 7 AM and were finished by 11 before the heat got unbearable. Still, the last two holes were a little “who cares, let’s just git ‘er done.” I scored 104, not great, but our team managed to win the pool somehow. Which isn’t much money when you only have two foursomes!  I played well, I managed to not get in a single sand trap all day, but I messed up #16 royally. It’s a 348 yard par 4, and I was on in 3. My ball rolled past the hole on the approach shot, leaving me an 8 foot downhill putt for par. I barely missed the par shot (downhill putts are tricky and I’m not a good putter) and my ball came to rest 3 feet past the hole on the downhill side. I set up to tap in for bogey—nope, it lipped out. Now I’m going for double bogey, from about 8 inches away. I missed the putt again….long story short, I 5-putted that hole!!!! I was steamed.

IMG_6561 (800x533)

I have been cutting fabric in the kitchen. I get more done than if I go out to the casita, plus I have a “thing” about running the AC out there if I don’t have to. So I’ve commandeered the kitchen. Looks like we’ll be using TV trays for a few days.

IMG_6562 (800x533)

I drew out the pattern on graph paper so I could know what size to cut the pieces and I didn’t like it. Too-big pieces. Way. So I re-worked the pattern and came up with something completely different.


  1. I was using my kitchen island for cutting until I got a nice little (but tall) cutting table for my studio. It required I move the ironing board across the hall to the laundry room which is working just fine. You have to do what you have to do sometimes!

  2. Nothing wrong with TV trays! I ate at the coffee table all week while Rich was out of town:)

    Chnagin' midstream-sounds good:)

    Now, go practice your putting:):):)

  3. Well, what else are islands for? They should always be considered multi-use areas.

    Sorry about the 5 putt--must have been so frustrating!

  4. OK, I'm on my way to play golf with you on Mother's Day.....get a late tee time cuz I don't walk real fast. And I'll take your 104 anytime !


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