I needed a camera like a moose needs a hat rack, but when J achieved a milestone at work—he’s retired, but does consulting—they sent us some Omaha Steaks (crappy, but the corporate office is in Omaha) and a booklet from which we could order a gift. Well, we kept passing the book back and forth because there was nothing of interest we didn’t already have, and I wasn’t about to usurp HIS gift. Finally he said, “Why don’t you get this little point ‘n shoot to carry in your purse?” So I did.
It’s a tiny little thing, smaller than my smart phone. Gosh, I could be a spy! Remember those teeny spy cameras in the movies in the 50s and 60s? That silver golf ball is to show scale--kinda funny, isn’t it? I got a sleeve of ‘em at a tournament. Door prize or something. They’re okay, but weird.

The camera takes decent pictures. I stepped outside to snap something colorful—this is SOOC*.

Hey, I can take a photo of my “real” camera! It’s big. And heavy. The little camera will come in handy. It will be a lot of fun at parties and such, where the Canon is more liability than asset. This photo I tweaked a little (crop, lighting). See how different the ball looks. They were both taken with flash.
Fun, fun, fun. It’s how I roll. That’s all the news.

*Straight Out Of Camera (un-messed-with)


  1. How fun !! Now you can take us with when you are out and about. That's why I like the iPhone.... always have a decent camera with me.

  2. I bought a point and shoot for the same reason a couple of years ago. I just forget to keep the battery charged and to take it with me!

    Which is a shame because the "real" camera IS heavy and awkward, and I certainly don't want to cart it around everywhere.

    I'm going to find my point and shoot and charge it!

  3. I can't pass up a toy. I use my phone a lot for taking photos. And I have a little Olympus which came first. But since it is older, I think it is probably at this point as good as my iphone camera.
    Glad to see that you are doing well. And getting back on the road soon. You've been home for a while!


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