Reeling’ in the Years

Hey, long time no see!! Been busy!

Here are Cheryl, Ellen, and Moi in my kitchen. We three don’t get together often enough, so when we do, it’s real special.


At Tijuana Tillie’s, circa 1988. See what a quarter of a century does?


Incidentally, we will get to see the couple on the right, Marty and Mike, next month. This is them last summer:


Getting older….but it beats the alternative, eh?

We had Bill and Ellen visit for three days, and Alan and Cheryl came for three days, overlapping by one day so we could all party like it’s 1988.

With Bill and Ellen, we went to the PS Art Museum and we went hiking in Indian Canyons…


…where I slipped on a rock and fell, about ten minutes into the hike. I bailed out and told Bill and Ellen to continue because I didn’t know how badly I was injured. Turned out it was just a scrape and a bruise. I was dirty, but no damage was done.

We saw a great exhibit at the museum, Backyard Oasis, which was all about swimming pool culture of the 50s and 60s.


When Alan and Cheryl arrived on Friday, everybody had a lot to talk about. We had salmon with Dijon and panko, mango salsa, coconut rice, and Fabulous Spinach Salad. Jim made the salmon. Delicious! The recipe is Ina Garten’s, so you can get it on the web. The mango salsa was my idea.


After a brunch of muy delicioso build-your-own breakfast burritos, the Fishers checked out and we went golfing with the Longacres. A winter storm blew through the desert and it was cold, windy, and raining. The temperature went from 80s on Friday to 50s on Saturday. The storm left the local mountains white with snow. It was beautiful, but it was cold!


I was playing really well at Palm Desert CC Saturday and got a 49 on the front nine until the rain forced us to go inside and see if it would subside, which it did.The back nine was not as good. The next day I shot 46 on the back nine at Heritage Palms CC but the front nine was not great.

I bought myself a golf scope. It’s great! You look through the lens, zero in on the item, and a laser bounces back from the item in the crosshairs, telling you how far away it is. Maybe that’s why I played a little better? Who knows—you still have to hit the ball right.


Now I’m going to sit on the couch and watch American Idol on DVR sans commercials. My favorite this year is Phillip Phillips. I’ll be in the studio this week to finish my table runner.


  1. Is that San Jacinto? I've never seen those mountains that snowy! Crazy, and it was in the high seventies in MN where my sis lives. We had a few flakes here too.

  2. Wow, that snow is so low on the mts! We also had a wild few days of weather! Yeah, I like Philip, too. Hope he stays healthy now...The little girl from San Diego is really amazing, too...

  3. It's always fun to reconnect with old friends, and you guys look great in both photos!

  4. Personally I think you all look better today! hahahaha. What fun you are having. Gorgeous mountains in that photo.

  5. Love the "oldies" are very cute in both....Congrats on the great golf !!

  6. I think we all look better today~~I think we had too much to drink in the "Days of long ago" but we sure had fun.

    Let's drink to all the years to come--Life is good



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