Key Lime Season

We have had another bumper crop of key limes this year—I can’t keep up with them. I have been freezing the juice in ice-cube trays and will make key lime pie when the troops come at New Year’s. Meanwhile, I experimented with some Key Lime Martinis.

IMG_6109 (800x533)

I made them like margaritas but with vodka instead of tequila. I am not happy with them. I think the trick is to use a smidgen of sweetened condensed milk instead of sugar, which you NEED to counteract the acidity of the limes. Then it might taste more like the real thing…and not be so hard on your esophagus.

I’m almost finished piecing the background of the sailboat quilt. I have kept the sky very muted because the sailboat is going to have a big spinnaker. It will be brightly colored, but I haven’t decided what colors I’m going to make it.

IMG_6110 (800x533)

The luggage has to be brought out again. I have been packing for a trip to Las Vegas, and, I am taking so much! Good grief! I need clothes for golf, clothes for hiking and for just hanging around, and clothes for dinner and disco. This trip is going to be so much fun! And I can’t wait to play golf Thursday and Friday! Woo HOO!


  1. Well that key lime martini sounded really good.

    Love where this sailboat piece is going. You have so much energy to go go go. However, Vegas does sound like lots of FUN!

  2. On the move again! I can't keep up.

    I do know what you mean about some heartburn with all of the lemon/lime stuff-brutal. Maybe the coconut milk will help as you suggested.

    I vote for orange for the sail:)

  3. Key lime pie sounds so yummy.....and the limearita has possibilities....just keep taste testing until you get it right !! Party hardy this weekend !!!!

  4. Key lime pie, yum! I think you have a gold mine there with all those limes. I just paid 59 cents for ONE lemon!

  5. I've finally caught up with the rest of your travelogue, and your animal photos are just beautiful. Thanks for posting them. Enjoy your Las Vegas trip.

  6. Have fun in Vegas Baby! We usually go to Vegas the week of your Thanksgiving, but I don't think it's going to happen this year. Have a blast!

  7. I had a terrific margarita in Natchez once; it had pineapple juice that really cut the acidity. Don't know that it would work for a martini, though.

    Enjoy the golf in Las Vegas!


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