Not Dropped off Planet Earth

Just busy! Oh my!

Well, as you may know, we went to Las Vegas for our daughter Michelle’s 11/11/11 birthday blast last weekend. Boy, did we ever have fun. Michelle planned the whole schedule from soup to nuts. Here are a couple pics:

At Spago on the third and final night of partying. Jim, Me, Michelle, Cheryl, Holly, Christian, Christina, Alan, and Chris, Michelle’s husband and a great SIL.


The girls at STK in the Cosmopolitan. The guys are around here somewhere.  I’m not sure what’s up with the varying heights of us.


We golfed, we gambled, we drank tony cocktails, we dined, we went to swanky nightclubs. We gave it our all. It was so much fun. We know how to party.

Eat, drink, make merry—all that, plus traveling the world is RUINOUS to the waistline! No matter how careful you try to be. J and I have started our diet blowout. Last night I made salmon, which went on a bed of sautéed spinach, and asparagus. A squeeze of lemon from the neighbor’s tree. Delish!

I’m still working on the sailboat quilt, I will have the background finished today. No pics just now, it’s a Christmas prezzie.

Weather is glorious. The snowbirds are back and the desert is teeming with old people who don’t know how to drive. Golf season is in full swing here in the desert. Wish I was playing better.

In other news….there is no other news. I’m still standin’. It’s all good.


  1. I am so glad that you are having a good time! It looks great and I guess party on till you can't do it no more!

    PS-liked the part about the desert being full of old people who can't drive:)

  2. It's not just your desert full of old people who can't drive....imagine 35,000 golf carts mixed with cars, all driven by old people who can't hear or drive and living in Florida.
    Soooo, why do we live in old people country? We aren't old afterall............

  3. What fun! There's always time to diet.

  4. Sounds like you all had a grand time! A belated Happy B'day to Michelle.

  5. That looks like sooo much fun! I need a getaway like that! Maybe after Christmas.

    I totally agree with Kay, always time to diet!

    Happy Thanksgiving!


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