Zimbabwe used to be called Rhodesia, named for Cecil Rhodes. This is where Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs, bred to hunt lions, are from. They must have all been out chasing lions because we didn’t see any.

We stayed four nights at the lovely and veddy British Stanley and Livingstone (“Dr. Livingstone, I presume?”) Lodge. Our group is having breakfast on the patio. I am photographing some of the animals that continually parade by. It is adjacent to a game preserve and has a watering hole.


This morning we have a kudu, an impala, and some baboons. I sampled kudu at Sossusvlei. It tasted a lot like like caribou. We have had the opportunity to taste a lot of game, like wildebeest and zebra for example. Some was surprisingly good, some pretty awful.


There is something about seeing animals roaming in their natural habitat that is wonderful and amazing. Here come some cape buffalo for a drink at the watering hole. We’ll see a lot more animals later on.


We are here to see Victoria “Vic” Falls, the largest waterfall in the world. But it is hard to see because it falls down into a deep chasm. You can’t look up at it like Niagara, the third largest (Iguacu in Brazil is second). And the mist obscures the view. But it is incredible. This is the Zambezi River, by the way.


We went on a river cruse and saw some hippos. They checked us out, too.


It was a beautiful sunset on the Zambezi River.


The next day we rode an elephant. These are really big animals! It was kinda scary.


We went on our first game drive. In a violent thunderstorm, I might add. But it was pretty cool, after all. We got very close and a little too personal with this elephant. He turned and looked like he was going to charge us for a frightening moment. Jim was yelling to the driver to get the hell out of here. He is coming our way.


Some zebra at a salt lick. They pronounce Zebra like Debra over here.



This is a cape buffalo. The rain has intensified the animals’ color. The buffaloes always stare at you. They are very curious. And handsome, in their own way.



  1. Absolutely loved all your photos, Rian. Who did your tour? Our niece-in-law went to Namibia to study Welwitschia, a plant that can apparently live as long as 2000years. Thanks to you, I now know why that name sounds so German. Did you see any giraffes?

  2. What a great and interesting travelog.! Gorgeous pictures, informative history and detail and views of you on an elephant are the best !! I've googled some of the places to check maps and get more info. You should consider putting these travel blogs into a book. Send me an autographed copy !!
    The zebras are waiting to be in your next art piece !

  3. This is probably my favorite of your adventures so far!

  4. Love the two of you on the elephant!

  5. What a great trip & wonderful pictures!


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