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Finishing the Guitar

I got a cortisone injection in my knee--preventive maintenaince. I'm good to go. While I was sitting in the doc's office I thumbed through one of those glossy Newport Coast magazines. I am always attracted to visual things, and this picture caught my eye because I snapped one almost identical to it when I was in Africa. But this is a painting. A painting!

Here's a picture from last weekend--Linda R's 70th birthday surprise party. Huge success, beautiful night. These are some of my golfing girlfriends. That's Linda W on the left, Gail and Margo in the center, and me on the right. We have three Lindas, they were all there.

We're just about all set for our trip. Last week was hectic, but now I can cool my jets and finish the guitar. I liberated it from its background and fused a backing onto it, which will give it some extra stability. I put some stiff interfacing in the neck and "horns," so they wouldn't flop over (but I bet they still do).

I taped …

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