My name is Rian. It's pronounced Ryan. I live in a Del Webb active adult community near San Juan Capistrano in south Orange County, California. I share life with my husband Jim, aka JJ, the sweetest, most consistantly good-natured person I ever met. JJ is a news and sports junkie. We have been happily married for 33 years. 

My passion is golf. I am a certified golf nut. I am also a health nut. I don't eat wheat, and I avoid sugar and processed food. Living is easier when you have health, energy, a sharp mind, and you don't hurt, and hopefully I'll live longer and better. My other hobbies are photography, playing bridge, and making art quilts.

JJ's passion is travel, so we travel frequently. We've been to 70 countries. Below is Monte Carlo, Monaco.

I started this blog in 2004 to chronicle my quilts and share my techniques, but I only have one technique, so there is a whole lot more here than that, just as there is a whole lot more in my life. Life is a banquet of wonderful things! 

Golf. My favorite thing to do.