The OC Fair

We went to the fair over the weekend. Our friend Steve treated us for his birthday. We used to go to the overcrowded Orange County every year when we had a teenager living with us. But those days are a distant memory, and I do believe the population of The OC has doubled since then.

Lordy was it crowded! Steve exhibited shocked disbelief. Hey Steve, it's the weekend!

I stood and watched this torturous thing while we waited for Steve and Joan to arrive at our meeting spot. A woman and I exchanged looks: No Way. Huh-uh.

Once we gathered and found a place inside with cold beer and wine and a proper table and chairs, we sat for a while. It was very hot in the sun, and you had to eat at long, shared picnic tables and benches in the middle of the...what do you call it--fairway, gangway, midway...with greasy things leftover from the previous occupants. Whatever--we're all a little too fussy to appreciate that scene.

If you like bacon, you should make tracks for Bacon A-Fair.

This is a battered, deep-fried peanut butter and pickle. None of us chose that, so I don't know what it tasted like. The most exotic thing I ever ate at a fair was a deep-fried oreo cookie several years ago.

I actually like going to the fair. I like to see the prize livestock, the wiener dog races, the prize-winning pies, cakes and such, and the quilts. If I ever hanker for another ribbon, the fair would be the place to enter a quilt. I wouldn't put down anyone's work, but I could beat the pants off them sitting down. But we were Steve's guests and we didn't do any of that stuff, and Steve is somewhat physically challenged and probably not interested anyway.

What we really came for was Kenny Rogers' Gambler's Last Deal show. When the sun goes down in Southern California, the evenings are delightfully cool.

We had great seats. A little far back, but dead center.

It was a wonderful show. I am not overly familiar with Kenny Rogers music outside of his major hits, but it was great fun. Everybody knew all the words and sang along. He encouraged them, especially when he forgot the words. He is wonderfully funny and self-deprecating.

His voice is scratchy and his knees are bad, but he puts on a great show for his fans who love him dearly, and he lets you know he loves you right back. His band members have been with him for 40 years. Wow!

At first I said, "Kenny Rogers? I don't think so, thanks." But JJ wanted to go and I'm glad I got to see this living legend before he hangs it up forever. Which is very soon.

Some images courtesy of The OC Register.