The Dog Days of Summer

I have fused everything and am ready to start the quilting.

But I think I will add a couple more fish, I have some different ones....ruminating. I caved in and bought a half-yard of commercial fish fabric. Not my style, but I like 'em, they're colorful.

It has been a quiet week, hot and muggy, and I spent my days inside with the AC on and the fan, working on the mermaid. I haven't played golf in a couple weeks because of the heat. This week is cooler and I'd like to play, but I already opted out so I'm out of luck. I can go practice...early before it gets so hot. So I'm okay.

In other news, we celebrated our 33rd anniversary. Not bad for a couple twice-divorced people who swore they'd never get married again. JJ reminded me that we have been together for half my life.

We don't usually get cards for each other, and we rarely do flowers, so it was a complete surprise when JJ gave me these. And a card, too!

What is that lime squeezer for? I made Honey-Lime-Sriracha Shrimp for dinner. We went out the following night (Saturday) to a restaurant with friends. It's so hard to go anywhere on a Friday night around here. Traffic in SoCal is impossible.

That's all the news! The dog days of summer are here! Do you know what the dog days of summer really means? It's not about heat or dogs lying on the cool grass with their tongues hanging out, panting. It's about Sirius, the dog star, in the constellation Canis Major. You can now see this star rising in the early dawn. Yeah. As if you get up at dawn. But you will recognize Sirius as the brightest star in the winter sky, just following Orion, the mighty hunter, who travels across our winter skies at night. Did you know that, if you go south of the equator, Orion appears upside down?

There is a full moon right now, which means the eclipse is 14 days away! (Being that there are 28 days in the lunar cycle.)