Mermaid & Dolphin Status Report

Gosh, doesn't that remind me of my days as a project manager.... Status Report. Whatever.

Anyway, it's taking shape. It might take me all summer to finish, but what else do I gots to do? It's getting too hot now to play golf. Glad I played a lot in July. July was unusually cool. Well, not cool exactly, but more like June than July.

It's pretty big, about 30 by 65. Larger than my table. I had to get on a step stool and hold my camera up high to get this photo, and only got about 2/3 of it. Nothing much going on up top yet anyway.

We've got some adventures coming up, in August we are going to Oregon to see the total eclipse. We will be in the path of totality. I am so excited! I'm an astronomy geek. Always was. You should be able to see the eclipse from anywhere in the US, so on Monday August 21 around noon, don't freak out.

Then we're going to Las Vegas to meet up with our Dallas friends Bill & Sarah.

What's interesting is, Bill & Sarah are hard-line liberal progressives and Jim & I are staunch conservatives. We all get along great as long as we don't discuss politics. And, when you think about it, it seems like everything these days is political, so we'll see. We'll play bridge all day and eat/drink and see shows in the evenings. No time for political discussion...I hope.