Life is Short

We said goodbye to another neighbor-friend yesterday. It's bound to happen when you live in a community of mostly 70-somethings. It was sudden, unexpected. That's the hardest part. He was a nice man, but honestly I didn't know him all that well. I play golf with his wife.

While looking for a stock photo for the story I saw these gorgeous white flowers and I had to put them in here.

Oh, did I mention that we went to the funeral on Tuesday only to learn it was on Thursday? I plugged it into my phone on the wrong day. It made for a good laugh. Good thing there was no funeral that day...can you imagine?

In other news, I played golf Monday. At Talega, which is one very tough course. Golf pictures never come out as purty as real life unless they're stolen from the golf club's website. I like this course but I don't think they keep it up very well. There is no water on the course, and no cart girl. Usually there are coolers around so you can fill up your bottle, or the marshal carries water. No marshals here, either.
What's a cart girl? Good question. She sells water, beer, sandwiches, chips, and will even make a bloody mary for you.

The mailman brought me a couple of goodies this week. The new background fabric! So much better than the light green swimming pool. Yummy, yummy. Happiness.

Next, this. What could it be?

I have wanted this for a long time but I didn't really need it. Amazon Prime had it on sale for one day at 50% off, so I snagged it. It's my birthday, after all.

It's super cool and totally fun. I can ask her to play just about any song in the universe (in Amazon's universe) and she will. She can play any radio station in the world. We don't get good radio signals down here in south OC, not to mention the only radio we have is in the alarm clock.

The bottom half with the holes is a 360° speaker system. Good sound. Now I can play music outside. Or in the studio. I don't have to fiddle with knobs, either. It doesn't have any knobs. It's all voice-activated. "Alexa, play Beach Boys." And she does. I dig it. I love technology. JJ says I have to use his name when talking to him otherwise he assumes I'm talking to Alexa.

For my birthday weekend, there are big plans. Well, not that big, but plans. Fun stuff. Now, I am prepping food for a little dinner party tomorrow to kick off the fun. I am serving a low-country shrimp boil (which is actually baked) and a peach crisp with ice cream for dessert. I will try to get pictures, but you know how that is.