Fabric Folding 101

I've got a busy couple of weeks ahead and we are having friends come, so I decided to clean my equipment and re-sort my fabrics. When I'm creating, fabric ends up all over. Piles of it. It's a big job and folding it neatly and putting it away is drudgery. Nobody likes drudgery.

I used to stack it horizontally like the bottom row of greens on the right, above. But the drawer was constantly a mess as I rifled through it looking for just the right hue. I am running low on greens, if you can believe that. I use a lot of green. Some fabrics I don't know how I came to possess them.

Now I stack it in piles, fairly randomly, and I can pick up a whole pile to look at and it's easier to return something to the top of a pile than it is to return it to the middle of the stack. Before, I would toss it on top of the tower (it's two of those plastic file-things stacked on top of each other) to wait to be re-filed. And that pile would grow. And a fabric I was looking for (I know every single one of them) would invariably be in that pile and I'd tear everything apart looking for the right one, and not be able to find it. By the way, the tower is as tall as I am. I use a step stool to see inside the two top drawers.

Needless to say I was spending way too much time pawing the horizontal stack in the dark closet.
I've got a few reds and oranges, too. And some fabrics (lower left pile) defy categorization.

I didn't count them, but I estimate I have around 350 fabrics. I have been amassing fabric for 15 years. I save the very small pieces in a laundry basket, which is full, BTW.

The background fabric finally came and I hated it. Too much like swimming pool and not enough like deep ocean. I ruminated what to do all morning. I decided I didn't want to put all this effort into something I would hate to look at. So I ordered another one. They were out of so many fabrics at the one shop, but eQuilter.com had everything. So I wait some more. It's okay...

...because I am taking a little break. Got some fun times lined up and a few other things, so I put the mermaid in the bathtub. I had no other place to put it and I figured she would like it there. The bathtub never gets used. I don't know if I could even get in/out of it. It's pretty huge.

By the way, this the niche I am making the mermaid quilt for. My grammar is terrible, I know.

While I was shopping the swimming pool fabric, I ordered this fabric. I decided we needed some bright summer color around here. JJ was dubious but said nothing. I assured him the brown and blue would be back come wintertime.