Building a Better Dolphin

While I wait (still!) for my background fabric, I have been fiddling around with reef fish and stuff. I swear, Hancock's of Paducah is SOOO SLOOOW! I'd go to a fabric store but it's all the way in East San Diego.

I could buy fabric with fish printed on it, but I kind of like creating them.

This coral was especially fiddly. I had to take a day off because my hand hurt from cutting. Never again.

I got some new grays from Batiks Plus. Pretty good service from them.

I had made a fused dolphin and it was a worthless waste of time, fabric, and fusible. It shrank! What's up with that!

So I took the opportunity to do one in my overlap method. Much more time consuming, but oh so worth the time. At least I think so, I like the look much better.

Some elements are fine with fusing (see reef critters above), but here is the mermaid's tail. I had originally fused individual scales and it wasn't long before I chucked it into the round file and did it in three pieces instead of like 100.

And I happened to have this fabric on hand. Nice! I like.

The paper is still on and it is not sewn together yet. She also waits for the background.

But we were talking about the dolphin. I went back to the drawing board with fresh eyes and a whole day stretching out in front of me. I get these special drawing pencils for free because they like me so much.

If you are astute, and I know you are, you will notice Dolphin is reversed. That is because...oh never mind, just trust me. The orange lines are registration marks. I used to do hash marks on every line but this is super fast and more efficient.

The pieces. Holy schnikes! Or Uffda! as Margo would say.

But if you flip them over, you can see how it might possibly fit together. The numbers are the order in which I lay the fabrics down. It's easy to get lost and forgot what's what.


Up next: Golf.


  1. Oh so good--bravo! Will the yellow fish get fins? This is really interesting. Your work is impressive!

  2. Are you going to turn under all those edges?


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