Birthday Weekend

We had a fun several days celebrating. It wasn't really about my birthday, that day just happened to coincide. No cake, no candles. But lots of fun and good cheer.

I threw a little dinner party with our friends Alan & Cheryl from Los Angeles, and Larry & Linda from the neighborhood. I told you I wouldn't get pictures, and I lived up to that promise. Instead, I shamelessly ripped off these photos from the internet.

But this is what I made...a low country Shrimp Boil. Mine was prettier.
Because I bake it. It's easy and fun to eat. It was delicious. You can cook the potatoes and corn ahead of time, and when it's time to heat everything up, just add the shrimp (and seasonings) and bake it until the shrimp are cooked, about 15 minutes at 400ยบ or so.

I made a fresh peach crisp with vanilla ice cream for dessert. The drizzle of salted caramel didn't hurt.

Everything was great until we discovered that the dishwasher broke (again). What an inopportune time!

The next day we went to Del Mar for the horse races. This is Alan & Cheryl.

We got stuck in horrible traffic and didn't have enough time to go to breakfast, so we ate at the track. It is our new tradition. And I think we'll take the train from now on as well. We live 3 miles from the train station in San Juan Capistrano.

I rarely win at the races, but I love the pageantry of it all, and Del Mar is a special place. And not just because I lived there, but because it just is. It's where the surf meets the turf.

We go to the paddock to check out the horses before each race--you can tell a lot about a horse when you get close. The coastal clouds started rolling in about 4 o'clock. We are right next to the ocean, after all.

After the races we all went to dinner at Pacifica. This is Michelle, and Savannah is wearing Papa's sunglasses. It was amazing she ate dinner after all the ice cream and candy she ate during the day. Notice she ate all (7) of the cherries out of her Shirley Temple...

The next day, Monday, we golfed. It was supposed to be sunny and hot but it rained buckets and I am soaking wet.