Beer Butt Chicken and Silver Fish

I have made a little progress on the Mermaid & Dolphin piece. I ordered two yards of Steam-a-Seam and it had been cut in half (width-wise), so I only got half as much as I thought, and I have burned through that already. I could go to Wal-Mart, but Amazon will drop it at my front door in a couple days and I have lots of other things to work on in the meantime. Lots.

One is giving Mermaid a face. She's not fused down yet, I just wanted to see how she looked against turquoise fabric instead of brown craft paper.

I decided it needed some schools of tiny fish, so today I am cutting out itty-bitty, fiddly silver fishies.

In other news, I made Beer Can Chicken, aka Beer Butt Chicken.

Well, here he is, perched on a beer can. I hated fishing out the giblets--ewwwww--and my chicken had FOUR HEARTS in it! Eww, ick.

I put it in the bbq grill.

And closed the lid. Siri minded the time for me.

About halfway through, I peeked. He was only getting brown on the top.

So I knocked him over, face first. Poor thing.

It wasn't very good. I wouldn't do it again.


  1. The mermaid looks great against the turquoise! I had the same experience with my beer butt chicken several years ago.


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