Fun 'n Leis

We have plans to go to Cuba this year. Unless DJTrump closes off relations with Cuba, which he has promised to do. We are hoping that, if he does, it doesn't kick in until Jan 1. We are going with a bunch of friends. Like 45, I think.

We had a meet 'n greet at a neighbor's house to discuss things about the trip and to get to know each other before our trip together. Just a few of us...

I think we'll have a good time, don't you?

Here, Deborah is showing JJ her app that takes a picture of the wine label and tells you everything about the wine and the price it's worth. He's testing it out on some of his bestest wines.

Say hello to some of the gals I play golf was King Kamahamea Day. Margo (4th from left), who lived in Hawaii for a while, brought the leis. She cracks me up when she speaks pidgin english.

My golf is getting better. A little. My game has been ghastly lately, but I think (knock on wood) it may be coming back.

The thistles are in bloom everywhere on the golf courses. You see them here and there every spring, but this year (with all the rain) they dominate! They are cousins of the artichoke, if you didn't already know that.


  1. You are too funny, Rian! Your blog is a hoot to read. Aloha! :)


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