Amen Corner: AMEN!

Done! For realz this time. I finished it last week, or so I thought.
It was more like I was ready to be done with it. I wasn't happy with the painting. I liked the flowers, but the trees left something to be desired...the green paint was "muddy." JJ suggested I quilt on top of it and make it pop. Hmmm...

So I did just that, and I do like it somewhat better, but I still haven't decided what to do with it--if it's ready for prime-time. But, as the artist, I know I have a critical eye when it comes to my own work. Trust me when I say it looks better in the photo than it does in person...
Here are some closeups. I had intended this area to to be bushes in the background, but it just looked like it had 5 o'clock shadow, so I stitched some "grass" over it. This paint is permanent. No do-overs.

I was not unhappy with the white paint, or the light pink. The dark pink and coral just soaked into the fabric and disappeared, so I spray-starched it, which helped some.
I highlighted some random stones to give it visual interest.

I saved the worst for last. I did not know what to do with the horrid green blobs (fir trees) on either side of the picture so I just stitched dark green and went for it. They did not turn out like I wanted, but the paint, ugly as it is, was better than cutting out shapes and fusing them on. That looked like trilobites or some kind of centipede bacteria. I almost don't even want to show you.

Well, there it is, warts and all. Onward and upward!


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous! *applauds* Congratulations, Rian! :)

  2. "Me thinks you doth protest too much"...... It is gorgeous. Your choice and variety of fabrics are perfect. Your stitching is right on and I think the paint works really well. It is easily recognizable as Augusta. And, altho you shared the closeups, I doubt that any of us or our art work does well in such a microscopic views. Hang it on YOUR wall and enjoy. I still think it's too valuable to give away. Looking forward to your next creative ideas. S

  3. It is busy, but the white makes it pop and the quality of the water is excellent. Would you want to play this par/green as it stands in the quilt? If you have commited to giving it away, then so be it. I like it. The colors are good. You've got the touch of creative talent and that is a reward. XOXO, M.


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