The Golf Gods Giveth...

...and the Golf Gods Taketh Away.

Y'see? I bragged about my 100 last week and this week was rewarded with "I can't hit a ball to save my life!" Thank goodness for my partners' generous gimmes (about the length of the entire putter, give or take). I scored 65 on the front nine, and gave up counting half-way through the back nine, which is usually a little easier.

We have had some nice spring days around town. The Jacaranda trees are in bloom. There is one of these at the end of each cul-de-sac in our little hamlet, but this was just on the roadside, and taken through the windshield. They are a sight to behold, but they will drop all their purple flowers in a few weeks, making a sticky mess of the area below the tree, so not many people plant them in their yards.

When we were in Johannesburg, South Africa a few years ago, the Jacaranda were in bloom everywhere. Knocked our socks off. The whole city was lavender.
Image result for johannesburg south africa jacaranda trees

But back here in my little world, we have some special blooms too. After three years, one of the gardenia bushes finally bloomed. Just one, but here it is.

In the studio, we have progress on this little number:

I cheaped out and used a printed fabric for Ray's Creek, it would have taken me 5x as long to piece it. I did some quilting lines in a pearl-colored rayon thread that gave me fits, but it added a little something to the water.

The dark areas on the left and right are just background filler, I will put trees and such in front of it. Below are some of the fabrics I will use.

My painting experiment turned out well and I will paint on the flowers and some tree branches and leaves as soon as the paints arrived. I ordered more colors. This stuff is great! And cheap!

Finally, for my friends who get their news from mainstream media like CNN or New York Times, and are upset and scared by what is going on with Trump's administration, this graph may help you feel better. This was published by the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. So things might not be as awful as they seem.


  1. Your golf quilt with flowing stream is really nice. There is much to look at and think about. Good job on your blog set up.


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