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Golf balls, that is. I have some stuff to share, but first I want to tell my golfing friends out there in the blogosphere about golf balls. I see so many women playing with their husband's balls, or balls they've found while searching for their own in the brush or the lake. A ball is a ball is a ball, right? Wrong.

Note the two different colored numbers on the above balls. The one with all-black is a 100+ compression ball. It is like hitting a brick. You should have a handicap in the single digits to play with a ball like this. The one with the red number is a 90 compression ball. It's easier to hit, but still way too hard for the average woman golfer. This is true across all brands, not just Titleist.

The above balls here are for women. They come in different brands (and colors), and usually have pink ribbons on them like the one on the left. They are designed for women's slower swing speeds, have a compression in the 70s, and are soft to hit. Recently I switched from Pinnacle, which I have used for YEARS, to Crystal, by Volvik. I don't know what magic they have, but I am hitting the ball off the tee like I used to, and a good 50 yards beyond everyone else. Maybe you've heard of ProV-1 (Titleist), those balls have a two-way hitting system, when you are hitting off the tee you turn them one way, and when you are putting you turn them the other way. I'll explain. See the arrow on the Crystal that says CONTROL? On the putting surface, you point that arrow toward your target and the ball rolls true along that band. I was delighted when I saw that Volvik had incorporated that two-way technology into their girlie balls.

Okay. Let's see what's been happening around here. The hillsides are returning to their familiar golden brown.

In the checkout line I saw this Corona display and told JJ if he didn't go stick his face in there and let me take his picture he was...well, use your imagination. He complied. He's such a good sport.

As we were setting out on our walk this morning we stopped to talk to some neighbors. They had a pile of furniture in front of their house that they were loading into a U-Haul truck to be taken to consignment. The brown recliner being carried into our house is like the one JJ used to love, but it broke when Savannah used the handle as a springboard when she was four. So we got rid of the broken grampa recliner when we moved to the desert and bought a more streamlined version, the cream-colored one in the foreground. But JJ missed that big recliner and neither of us liked the new one because it was a struggle to get out of.

So our neighbor, the one with the skinny legs in the above photo, said, "You want it? You can have it." I knew he wanted it, but he knows I hate dorky grampa recliners...I said he should take it. We offered Steve some money, but he said it didn't make a difference to him as long as he had a recliner to give to the consignment shop, so we traded. Now JJ has a big, cushy grampa recliner to nap in. Timing is everything. And I love that it has a story.

This is our granddaughter Savannah, nine years old, who spends more time upside down than upside up. When she grows up she wants to be a famous Olympic gymnast, a famous singer-songwriter, and something else (I forget). I have no doubt she will be everything she wants to be, she is a very focused, very determined little individual. We are going to see her in the school talent show tonight.


  1. I agree about the golf balls. I use a softer ball, mostly Callaway Soft altho I might have to try the Crystal. Interesting read. I'm playing almost everyday and my poor arthritic finger is showing the wear and tear.....only arthritis in my body (that tells me anyway)'s just one finger but really affects my Motrin it is ! I'm sure all of the knitting adds to the finger stress as well.
    Good move on the chair ...looks like ours. In FL, we had two matching recliners that looked like stylish leather chairs. They were miserably uncomfortable. Now we have two cushy LazyBoys and the others are relegated to the guest rooms.
    Grandchildren are so talented and smart....and she is just adorable....trending towards beautiful.


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