Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later

This sign was recently posted on the restroom doors (both men's and women's) at one of the golf courses where I play. You should know that we ladies (we are still called ladies in the golf world) use the men's rooms on the golf courses all the time, and have for years. Most public golf course bathrooms are "one-holers," and when you are on the course you can't dillydally around, you must keep up with the group in front of you or the ranger, or marshal, will bark at you. So it doesn't make sense to queue up to use the women's room when the men's room is empty and there are no men in sight. So the fact that this sign is even there caused me to wonder.

Anyway, I shot 103 yesterday, and got a birdie on a par-3. Happy, happy.

I did a little cooking today. Actually, I did a lot. We don't go out to eat very often, maybe once a month, if that. It saves us a lot of money in the long run. We average about $35 a day for two meals including liquor, and if we go out it's three or four times that. I don't mind cooking because JJ helps me with all the shopping and does all the dishes. I buy split chicken breasts when they're on sale and bake 'em off, and shred the chicken. It's a lot of work but it pays off. We get four meals for ten bucks. 

Above is chicken & cheese enchiladas for Sunday. Below is a casserole of chicken, linguine, mushrooms, and Parmesan. I make all the mess in one swell foop and then I don't have to cook dinner for the next two days. The linguine is not gluten free, but I buy the kind that is made in Italy so the gluten is very low and I can get away with it now and then. It is American wheat that has been hybridized (messed with) to the point that it makes some people ill. Like me. 

I baked cookies, too. Gluten free, of course. Betty Crocker mix, and they're pretty darned good. So are the brownies. Just add butter and egg. I add a little water because I like 'em thin and crispy. And frozen--they last longer.
Now, this weekend I can focus my energy (what's left of it) on finishing The Blue Heron. And thus the title of this post, which is how I feel when I am quilting this piece. There are those who tout fusing as "the only way to go," and it is decidedly faster in the piecing stage, but you have to free-motion quilt around ALL the little pieces, and some are downright tiny, and my eyesight ain't what it once was. 
So I would rather pay the piper on the piecing (now) instead of on the fiddly sewing them down (later). 

We have two giant bird-of-paradise plants (more like trees) outside that we are going to have removed tomorrow, and they finally bloomed. They're disgusting, drippy, sticky plants but they came with the house. They are nice when they are sprouts, but they get HUGE! They will grow taller than the house and be impossible to remove in a few years.


  1. I'm anxious to see the blue heron finished....great legs !
    I had a bird of paradise in FL (in a pot by the pool) never bloomed until we returned one fall after being gone all had large lovely flowers ? And then I noticed they were of the plastic variety courtesy of my neighbor. The blooms stayed until we moved !
    Always enjoy your recipes and food pics. Not that I hurry and make them but I do tuck them away in my memory bank since I cook REAL food for guests.
    Congrats on the 103..... I'm determined to get my handicap out of the stratosphere this year.....but snow expected this weekend so no golfing in winter apparel.


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