Easter Sunday 2017

We had a lot of fun. The "kids" live about 10 minutes away, just over the hill. Makes it nice and easy. Not that we see them all that often, they are busy being parents and we are busy being retired, but we get to spend holidays together like a family.

I made a lemon tart...gluten free, of course. Actually, what I made was a mess. The crust is made from almond flour, and I like it as much as a wheat flour crust. It's nutty.

Here are the fruits of my labor. It had some cosmetic issues, but a little extra powdered sugar covered the sins, and it tasted good.

Meanwhile JJ finds a new way to watch basketball. Horizontal. He says it's a totally different experience. Who knew.

Darling daughter Michelle with her dad.

And our devilish granddaughter Savannah. She's actually very sweet. And very talented. She will be 9! next week. She's really growing up!

Chris made a thing I never heard of and cannot pronounce, but it was a flank steak rolled around carrots and sausage. Damn! Good stuff!

This is Holly and Steve. I introduced them to each other a year ago. They're family now.

We grownups weren't all that interested in the Easter egg hunt, but we faked it.