Blue Heron

The heron is finished. It turned out a little too small for the niche for which it was intended, so I hung it somewhere else and now it's back to the drawing board to make something else for that spot. The photos:

I had trouble with the tension while doing the background quilting and finally figured out I had the bobbin in upside down. Sheesh. No wonder I couldn't get the tension right!

Once I figured it out, the stitches looked so much better. I couldn't stitch around the eye pupil because it was so tiny and just slid up the needle, so I pitched it and used magic marker.

I made this "One Pan Shrimp Boil" and we liked it a lot. You throw everything on a sheet pan, drizzle garlic butter (and cayenne, gotta have heat) and toss to coat, then pop it in the oven until the shrimp turns white. You must parboil the potatoes and corn first. Man, it was good! We will be having this again.

On a sadder note, we lost our neighbor and friend John to brain cancer last week. He was 87. He was a beautiful soul and a Life Master bridge player--he taught me a lot. He went gaga over my quilts and was always very interested in what I was working on.


  1. The Heron is gorgeous and amazing ! So dimensional. Well done !! Makes me want to unpack the Bernina....


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