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When I fired up Blogger today, it offered me to change how my blog looks, so I took them up on it.

We've been busy, having fun being retired.

This is a photo from our Del Webb Spring Brunch last weekend. The good folks at the Rancho Mission Viejo Company gave us this building, complete with tables and chairs, restrooms and a kitchen. It was originally the welcome center. But now they've moved on and they left this for us. It's a great party room. The pink table in the center of the room is full of bread things like muffins and sweet rolls that I can't eat, and nobody else wants them either. 

Cheryl and Alan came down from Los Angeles to play golf. We played Tijeras Creek. The weather was glorious.

Cheryl and I take a selfie while waiting to tee off at #10. My fairway wood wouldn't cooperate and Cheryl beat me by 8 strokes. She was hitting the ball really well.

We played with Alan, Cheryl's husband, and Bud, my neighbor. It was a great day. 

Alan and Cheryl left after breakfast Saturday and we had four hours to put together a dinner party. It was an easy dinner, it all went into the oven. Salmon, little red potatoes, and asparagus. All roasted. JJ made brie quesadillas grilled on the barby, and I made mango salsa to go with them. Dessert was fresh berries with hot white chocolate. The wine flowed; conversation was animated. 

JJ holds court at the table. 

Joyce and Mike on the left. They live in our neighborhood but we have known them for many years. Mike and JJ worked for the same company; they are both retired now.

Tom and Deborah on the right. They live in Carlsbad. Tom also worked for the same company as Mike and fact, he still does. Deborah is two months older than me. Just a few weeks ago she had a heart attack on a cruise ship and had to be airlifted off to a hospital in Dunedin, New Zealand. Very dramatic. She is fine. Aces.
 I'm constantly wowed at the quality of the photos my iPhone gives. No flash.

We went to Costco for the salmon and asparagus. You can buy a surfboard (or a kayak) at the Capistrano Beach Costco. I love it. 


  1. Great new look! I like the photos of your quilts, especially the details of the quilting. Actually, all your photos look great. What iPhone do you have? Mine is the 6S and I don't think my photos come out as well as yours.


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