Around Here and Great Blue Heron

It was a beautiful morning Saturday and I got out for a walk. Wildflowers are sprouting up.

We don't often get to see blue lupine in these parts. But the rain... And it's seriously lush. Lots of rabbit food here.

No orange poppies yet, but they will come. I have no doubt. As I neared the top of the hill (pant pant) I saw some landslides on the neighboring hillside. Also thanks to the rain.

Some big ones, too. These were not here before the big storm. You can get an idea of their size when you look at the house on the top of the hill. I'd be concerned if I lived up there, what with real estate prices being what they are. The hill in front of our house (the one I am standing on) has drainage culverts and plenty of plants, so no danger of it sliding down. Pretty much. No guarantee, though.

At the top of the hill (pant pant) I turned around and took a photo of our house. We're crammed in here pretty tight, but it's terraced so we really don't feel like sardines. We have a champion view.

Got the car washed. Our neighbor has a guy come every Saturday to wash his cars and if I want mine done I just have to put it in the queue. Is that great or what! And they do an amazing job.

Speaking of cars, they took JJ's Beemer. He didn't make the payments. Nah, I made that up. The real story is actually worse--he took it in last week for a checkup and they bled the brakes. Now he has no brakes. None. Fortunately the only place he went was to the bridge center, 2 miles away. Thank God he didn't get on the freeway! Holy shit!

Back inside, work is progressing on the Heron. Geez there are a lot of tiny pieces! At least 300, I think. It's somewhere between a paint-by-number and a jigsaw puzzle. I made a mistake and fused part of the background to the paper drawing. I highlighted the warning on the instructions but I had already done it. So I had to make replacements. Good thing I have similar fabrics around, but it cost me a whole day. Do they even make paint-by-number kits anymore? I looked it up. Yes they do.

But the detail is incredible. That brown background fabric will get cut away after I sew it down. The instructions say to sew EVERY piece. Great. What would one do if they didn't have the experience I have?!

I was complaining to my sister that my back was killing me from all the hours of bending over doing the fusing and she said, "why don't you lower your ironing board and move the chair up to it?" Silence. Duh. Never thought of it.

So I'd better get to work!


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