I am Techie, Hear me Roar

This was my world today. No, really. Yes, really.

When we got our A/V system installed a couple years ago, they (really just cousin John) automatically added in a universal remote at a cost of something around $500. I said no. "Yeah, but you will be using four remotes," John declared. "We've been using four remotes for years, we're used to it," I replied. "For $500, we can deal with four remotes. Hell yeah!" Okay, I didn't say hell yeah, but added it here for emphasis. Poetic license. Anyway, I got to thinking, how hard could this be? John led us to believe programming remotes was a very esoteric thing.

I did some research; it looked doable. I asked my son, he said go for it. So I bought a $50 remote, and with the money I saved, I bought a chandelier to replace the dorky one the builders put in. Love it!!!

Anyway, long story short, I programmed a universal remote (not terribly impossible) and it worked great! Until it didn't. We think it got damaged somewhere along the line because when you shook it, you could hear that something was loose. When it worked, it worked great. But it was very temperamental.

What to do? The choices were either go back to multiple remotes, which we dealt with enough during the broken period to know we didn't want to go that way, or buy another (more expensive) model. We chose the latter.

Actually, looking at the above picture, there were five remotes! Two of these are the old universal and the new one.

It was not a slam-dunk. I spent many hours troubleshooting why one component would turn off when it was suppose to turn on, and vice-versa. It was a real puzzle and I said I'd try again tomorrow--when I could see.

Well I won't bore you with the details, but, finally, success!! And below are ALL the remotes we use now. It's a sweet little thing. Very small.

Success--how sweet it is!


  1. Our collection of remotes looks like your table. I will only turn on my tv in the kitchen (which takes 2 remotes-ugh!) - but the big tv in the great room just takes too many for me to deal with. I have turned that one off, but never on. All I want is one remote that will turn on/off, volume and channel. And, I watch very little tv - as he controls the remote. I would rather read or be doing handwork.


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