Before and After

We sent the red sectional packing. We liked it but it needed updating and the color didn't work.

Buh-bye sofa, hasta la vista!

While it was gone we bought a rug to replace the temporary jute number. That one went in the trash. It got soaked in the storm.

It has dark gray and soft green among the beige-y colors.
But when we set it down it looked murky and brown-mustard against the wood floor. We didn't love it. But we warmed up to it rather quickly, it looks best at night.

Here comes the "new" sofa, exactly two weeks later as promised.

Big difference, huh. They stuffed up the cushions a lot (maybe a little too much,we're hoping that's a temporary thing), and made arm-guards. Oscar did an exceptional job. There was enough fabric left over for a lifetime supply of arm-guards. Now we are looking at accent pillow fabrics. I'm thinking chocolate and teal.

We love and it cost a fraction of a new sofa. With the money we saved we can get some really nice accent pillows.


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