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We have had a little rain. We don't get much rain in these parts, but when we have a storm like this, it's too much to handle. Dams overflow, trees are toppled, and creeks become raging rapids. Pity the poor creatures that live in the normally dry San Juan Creek riverbed.

Friday was a real "barn-burner." JJ played bridge but I was hunkered down in my chair by the fire with my Kindle, listening to the rain and wind pelt the house for hours and hours. Above, Dallas Raines (yes, that's his name) forecasts the next squall coming our way. I live just about where the I-5 sign is on the above map. I was glad to not have to be on the freeway at 5:00 on that Friday....or any other Friday, for that matter. The image below is a screenshot of the traffic from my phone.

No Carol, that island is not Hawaii. It is Catalina. Yes I am sure.

The house did not blow down or slide down the hill, and I am extremely relieved about that. I was worried.

The hills are green--a rare occurrence.

In other news, we have been furniture shopping. Replacing our red sectional came to the top of the wish list, and we spent way too much time looking for a replacement. We finally found a leather sectional that we both loved. It's gorgeous and buttery soft.

But was WAY too expensive. I asked for a couple days to think about it. The next morning I knew I did not want to spend nearly $7,000 for a sofa that I would worry about spilling something on.

I really like our sectional, it fits in the room and it is still in good shape, but it's kind of worn. And the red just doesn't work in this house.

So we sent it out to be re-covered. This is Oscar.

The cost to re-upholster it is $1,200 plus the cost of the fabric ($900). I can live with that.

While we were at it we bought a rug to replace the temporary jute one we got three years ago "for now." They had some drop-dead gorgeous rugs, it was really hard to choose. But we chose this one. It looks really mauve-y in this photo, but it's the lighting. It's actually very close to the color of our floor, which you can see below.

Meanwhile, we are making use of the chairs we never sit in.


  1. Hi, Sis - good decision on the sofa. Put pics on your page when you get the sofa back. I have to tell you that your pic of the rain is so nice, so real, and I really love it! We got a little of your rain, but we are sunny today. xoxo M.


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