Frankly, Not a Lot

Well, the 2016 holiday season is finally behind us--the decorations are all put away, the parties in the history books. It seemed like a long season. But our festivities started in late October when we went on that transatlantic cruise.

I haven't posted in a while because honestly there isn't much going on. We have gotten down to the serious business of being retired homebodies.

You know that AT&T commercial where the guy walks away with his new iPhone 7 and crashes into the door? "Hey! I want that phone!" To qualify, you must be a DIRECTV customer, which we are.

So we went to the AT&T store and I walked out with this. Totally free. And we save $80/month over the next two years because we bundled everything with them. Man, I love this thing. I don't want to go anywhere, because the whole world is right here in this powerful little device. My old android phone was a real dinosaur.

The slick and clever salesmen (plural) managed to talk us into sell us a security system for our home, and we will save an additional $10/month because we got it. So the security system was also free, as was the installation. Not that we'll use it much, but we are dedicated skinflints.

We also scored a new wifi modem in the deal, and it is much stronger than the old one, so I no longer need an enhancer to get a decent signal to the front of the house where my studio is.

We were in the middle of booking a trip when the internet went down, so we had to cross our fingers and hope the last hotel room wouldn't get booked. I was worried. Why?

Did you know there will be a solar eclipse in the US in August? I did, I have been waiting for this. For my whole life, actually. It's a really big deal to me. It's on my bucket list.

This thing will traverse the entire country on August 21.

We studied the map and decided on Oregon, because we could drive there, and see friends along the way. But it turned out to be less expensive to fly. Skinflints, remember?

I chose Albany, which is just below the red central line and in the path of totality.

I am geeked! I just hope the weather is clear.

Around here, it has been raining. A lot, and often. Big squalls. It's hard to take a picture of rain, but this is our street today. I sure hope that hillside holds.

It's really cool to see the hills turn green. It's so rare, we're all buzzing about it.

The only problem (well, aside from potential floods and mudslides) is that all that fresh grass portends increased brush fires in the fall.

All is well! We're both feeling fine!


  1. Thanks for the info on the solar eclipse.
    We have had a little rain and the backyard is green. But, the green stuff turns out to be weeds! No grass here.
    The weather has been nice and the dogs love going for a walk in the park.


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