Time Flies

When you're having fun. And we are!

Well, I did decide not to put up a Christmas tree, and the heavens did not explode. They have cute little 2' tall trees in the floral section of the supermarket--way dried out I might add, it's SoCal after all--and I paused and thought about it for a moment, but I'd have to get out all the stuff to decorate it, so I passed.

I did get all the prezzies bought and wrapped. This year's color is silver. I have to have a different palette every year, yaknow. It's the artist in me. We don't do a lot of gifts. Nobody needs anything except the grandkids. We're lucky that way.

I've been playing golf. I played twice this week. The shadows are getting long on the 18th, and it's just so pretty and peaceful out there. This is Talega, a very difficult course in San Clemente (that I decided I don't want to play again--who needs it). The golf cart is the group in front of us, and in front of them, Canada Geese, here for the winter. Geese are horrid creatures, they are nasty rascals, and there is goose poop everywhere. Man, was I glad to get this round behind me.

Today we played Arroyo Trabuco, an easier course because they have gold tees for high handicappers, which we senior ladies surely are. We had a lot of laughs out there today, and when we got to the 19th hole (the bar--duh) I pulled out my phone to take a shot of our group. You need to know I cannot see what I am taking pictures of. I have vision issues.

Looking left.

Annnnd right.

I didn't get everybody in the shot...there are about 20 to 24 of us every week, and it's a great group of peeps. My pals, I just love 'em.


  1. Looks like a fun group to chip around the greens with..... Not sure I would be happy heading down those fairways ..... But since I'm all about the walking and the scenery, I even enjoy the lousy shots. Just happy for you that your out there once again.
    Love the one color wrapping idea....might plagiarize.
    We have geese here but they stick with the ponds and not so much on the course. We had them in CT and I carried Clorox wipes to clean my ball and hands. Disgusting creatures.

    Have a Merry Merry !


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