Two Things I Know for Sure

One, if we ever have a hurricane this house will still be standing while all the others in the neighborhood will be rubble.

Two, insulation really makes a difference and I will never buy a new house again.

Not much has changed except the calendar month. It’s October!!! Wheee! I dig October because it means cooler days ahead.

Okay, that’s the good news. Let’s dig right in to the happenings around here. Where to start…

This is a section of the wall of our office, it’s the room that lifted off the floor about a quarter of an inch. It’s Ground Zero. They removed a section like this around the entire room so they could tighten the bolts back down to the slab. They had actually pulled loose. That was some wind! There is still a tiny gap between the floor and the baseboards. I am very concerned about the floor when they pull up the tape, tape is not kind to this particular floor. We had to have the floor repaired 4 or 5 times when we first moved in and when they pulled up the tape…well. This time I’m ready for ‘em and loaded for bear if there are tape marks.


Moving right along, they have started to repair the drywall. I guess this is progress. The drywallers were supposed to come back today (Saturday) to finish this job but something happened and they left the place a mess for us to live in all weekend. There is shit everywhere and we are not happy. Ordinarily these guys are really good guys—all-stars—but the drywall gang? Not so much.


I can’t show you pictures of the attic although it’s tempting to climb up there to see, we had framers in the attic for 2—or was it 3—days, pounding. Supposedly they built a new frame on top of the existing frame and fastened the trusses to it with the proper clips (see my previous post if you’re interested).

They had to remove the insulation in order to get to the bare…wood? Who knows what’s up there. They brought this awful machine to suck the insulation out of the attic and it made a horrendous noise and smell like a gang of Harleys in the garage. The smell of diesel gave me a piercing headache for two days.


That’s a shitload of insulation and we can really tell it’s gone because the house gets very hot during the day. I thought about feeling sorry for the framers working up there, but…nah.


Once they got the frame in place they had to fasten the ceiling to it. There nail holes like this on EVERY SINGLE interior wall.



Lovely, isn’t it. Said no one ever.


This particular corner wall, the wall to the right is the office and the wall to the left is an exterior wall, so when the office lifted up it took this piece with it. You expect some settling cracks with a new build but this wall is riddled with them.


All in all, the guys are very conscientious, but I am ready to turn the page to a new chapter. My patience has run out. They say one more week, but you know how that goes. Then there are the painters and a cleaning crew.

Other’n that, we’re good! We are healthy, anyway.


  1. Rian, I am so sorry this is happening. I have thanked my builder a thousand times for doing a great job, making sure everyone else was doing a great job and for just being him. I think I will call him today and thank him again. We had one issue (ONE!) with our house, an interior entryway cracked away from the interior framing due to extreme cold. He rushed over the day it happened, fixed it and even paid the finishing carpenter to add a wood trim in case it happened again (the wood would cover it up).

    I would have insisted on a hotel room for the duration of the repair work!


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