My planets are not aligned today. 

There is a lot of activity in the house today--I think there must be 10 or 15 contractors here. So I got my for-real camera out to take some proper photos but it wouldn't turn on. Dead. Hmmm, must be the battery. I have two others, so I put in another battery and no dice. I went to put in battery #3, but battery #2 seems to be stuck in the camera. Sigh. Fugeddabout it. So these photos come from my phone. We are sequestered in the studio today, and for something to do I decided to make a blog but my blog-writer program wouldn't open. Oh, bother. 

There are so many trucks on our street this morning I joked that we were going to have to get valet parking. Geezers on their morning walks stop to ask what the heck is going on in there. We should post a sign explaining it.

We've got drywallers to patch the cracks.

Painters of course.

We've even got guys to straighten and true-up the door jambs. These guys are real artisans. They see things we don't see.

We've got master carpenters. They work in the attic. But I have seen pictures; there is three days worth of lumber up there. 

This is the insulation being blown in (returned to) the attic. 

And last, but not least, we've got Moe. Moe is the ambassador who comes every day to organize the team and soothe the homeowner's ruffled feathers, laugh at their jokes, etc. He returns at the end of the workday (around 3:00) to give us the plan for tomorrow and make sure everything is cleaned up. 

They are scheduled to be finished tomorrow (Friday). After a walk-through inspection, the cleaning crew will arrive. It will be so good to be done with all this and not have to get up and move the cars out of the garage. These guys show up ready to go at 7:45. They are all great guys, hard workers and very conscientious, and very good at what they do.