Just More Golf Stuff

Probably pretty boring for you. But it’s what I have been doing outside of reading and cooking and taking care of house/home. Oh, and a few parties. We party a lot around here, that’s for sure. Once a week it seems.

First up, I played in a golf tournament and our team won. By a mile. I was teamed up with my so-called “Kinda sorta future son-in-law maybe,” Steve, who is in my golf group—I introduced him to my stepdaughter Michelle’s best friend Holly, whom I have known since she was a kid, and who I adore. They have been dating (do they still call it that?) and having fun for about six months. Happy, happy.

Anyway, back to my golf story. We played what’s called a scramble, where everyone hits their ball from the tee and then the team (usually 4 but we were 3) decides whose ball landed in the best position then everyone hits their next ball from that spot. They keep choosing the best position to hit from until the ball is holed out. It’s a fun team experience. Back to Steve: Steve hits the ball a ton—an eye-popping distance.  Needless to say we hit his ball most of the time. It would take me at least two strokes, maybe three, to get where his ball lies in one. The other guy on our team, he was great on approach shots, so he did his part, and we strategized that I, the weakest player, would putt first so they could read the line. Well, pretty much most all of my long putts went in the hole. It was crazy! We couldn’t believe it. We shot  64! I was the scorekeeper and I remarked how much fun it was recording 3s and 4s instead of 5s and 6s. We had only one bogey all day. Nobody else could believe it either, so we had to convince them it was an honest score. The prize was a box of balls and a golf cap, both courtesy of TaylorMade where one of our member’s sons works, plus bragging rights. Here’s a picture of Steve:



That evening we had our annual golf dinner (lasagna and garlic bread—which I couldn’t eat [gluten] and I was starving), and I left my phone home because I wouldn’t be using it, not even thinking of its camera. Oh well. Trust me when I say we had a great day and a fun evening. The weather was absolutely perfect.

The week before, I played with my gal pals at Arroyo Trabuco. There had been a fire the day before and it was still smoldering, so I got out my phone, which has usurped my worthless camera which has been shelved. Here are photos:




Sad, isn’t it. They say it was started by a golfer who hit a rock with a golf club and it made a spark. We all thought a discarded cigar was more likely, but I suppose the rock thing could happen if the golfer was hitting out of the rough, it’s pretty dry out there. And often windy.


You can tell it’s fall around here because football is dominating the TV. During the week, the political news keeps us entertained. It’s a crazy election.


  1. Well, I'm always glad to hear the golf news. What a fun round that must have been! Love to play with those long hitters and marvel at their distances....unless they aren't so accurate.
    Sad about the fire....how worrisome it must be when the wind comes up and the rains stop.
    Out here we have no earthquakes, no tornados, no hurricanes and the farmers burn their fields! And in our insulated valley, we don't even get much snow. And we party as well......life is good.


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