End of Summer Wrap-up

August has slipped away and we are at the threshold of Autumn. Although here in the southwest Autumn is really only a date on the calendar, because September and even October are some of our hottest months. And even November, if we get a lot of Santa Anas. When most of North America enjoys a nip in the air and the first snowfall, we are still wearing sunscreen and white sandals.

I don’t have a lot to report for August, but I did want to report that all is well with JJ and me. I’m still here. I got beyond my shoulder tendinitis and returned to golf, which made me very happy. I pretty much sat on my can for the four months I was dealing with that, which means I put on some weight and man is it hard to take off!! Mornings have been cooler lately so I have been able to walk around the hood in Geezerville and get my heart pumping. It’s hard to get motivated to get out there, but once I do, it feels GOOD! And I have more energy throughout the day. All I have to do is lace up my sneakers and step outside.

I didn’t do a damn thing in the studio, either. It was hard to push a quilt with my painful shoulders, which is where the push/pull is generated from, and my vision is less than ideal when doing close work, which is what I do when I do it, not to mention I use invisible thread. I have a magnifying gizmo on my machine and my reading glasses are 3.25 these days. Distance vision is pretty good, but I can’t see detail up close. It’s very hard to describe.

IMG_2885 copy

Anyway, I’m going to give making some art a go. I have some ideas and plenty of fabric, and I’m out of excuses.

So what did I do in August? Well, I watched a lot of Olympics. Actually my husband did, he loves anything with a score in it, and Track & Field is his favorite of favorites. He has a lot of favorites when it comes to sports, and the Summer Olympics only comes once every four years, so he was glued. Mostly I watched it by osmosis, looking at the TV as I passed through the room, only actively watching the gymnastics, which was captivating. I held my breath during the balance beam routines.

We went to a summer concert in Carlsbad and all the little girls were doing backflips and cartwheels. I told Savannah about it and of course she had to show me she could do them better than anybody. That girl spends as much time upside down as she does upside up. The rodeo was in town last week and we had the fam & friends over for a post-rodeo barbecue on the terrace Saturday.

We had a fire in Silverado Canyon, near where I play golf, and I took a photo of it to show JJ because he said it was not smoke, just clouds. They got the fire out within a 24-hour period. There is so little water left that our golf courses are no longer allowed to water. This is the first hole at Tijeras Creek, and it looks pretty good, but there were way too many bare spots out there. I think brown dead grass is the wave of the future. It is already like that in Palm Springs, only the tees and greens are green, the rest is ugly brown. Doesn’t help the homeowners real estate values any. These are some mega-expensive homes.


Right before I tore up my shoulder (April) I took some pictures of the prickly pear cactus blooming on #16 at Tijeras Creek. Now that I am back, the flowers have come and gone and we are left with the prickly pears. These will turn purple and get big and juicy, like a plum. Stay tuned. You could pick them but they have hair-like prickers on them that you can’t see but you can feel. Ask me how I know. I wonder why they don’t call them prickly plum cactus.


I have also been caught up in the political news. Every day more and more secrets about HRC’s emails are revealed and it is really interesting! I don’t discuss politics here on The Pages, and I am neither a republican nor a democrat. Not officially, anyway, but if you must know, I lean toward conservatism, and I don’t favor either of the candidates. But it is SO interesting! JJ has long been a political junkie but I wouldn’t say that applied to me until lately. But now I’m hooked!

One more thing: My cyber-friend Mary recently blogged about traveling vicariously through other people’s blogs and she showed some photos from Italy. Well, here is one more Mary, I took it last November. I bet you can guess where.



  1. Venice? So glad to hear you and JJ are well. I had assumed so but thought you might be off on the cruise you had mentioned. A big cheer for your morning walking! I don't get out early very often but when I do I find it starts a "virtuous cycle" for the day. The summer has just gone by in a flash, hasn't it? Suddenly it's Labor Day and I haven't been in a swimming pool or a lake or even a mountain stream. And there were pumpkins in the farmer's stand where I went to buy corn today. Good grief.

  2. Glad your back! Enjoyed your news. Personally, I do not believe in green grass for Arizona, but desert plants. Maybe someone will create a golf course specifically designed for our environment. It's cooling down here and I will start walking the dogs. Yes, on grass in the park thanks to the city sprinklers. It's hardly believable to see children not playing on the grass in the winter as they are busy swinging on the equipment in the man-made playground. I'm so excited for winter weather.



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