Summer in the Southland

We had an almost week-long string of parties and events last week. It started off with going to the Pacific Amphitheater to see Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. Now, Frankie et al was never one of my favorite bands in the 60s, but we were invited by a friend to celebrate his birthday. So I had low expectations. Boy, was I wrong.


Frankie still has a good voice which doesn’t sound much different from 50 years ago. Can you believe it has been that long? They actually sound better now, because of the band and more modern instruments, and the four young new Seasons, who are incredibly talented. Valli is 83 years old. I don’t know how he keeps up with his schedule. Of course everyone knows the words to Sherry Baby, and he invited us to sing along. They put on a great show.


The next day our good pals Alan & Cheryl came for our annual golf-and-ponies thing. We kicked off the fun by dining al fresco at Arroyo Trabuco, where I play golf. The band was pretty good and being outside at night is always magical.



Friday we played golf at beautiful Tijeras Creek. Man, it was way too hot out there. 90° at least. It was my first time to play since I hurt my shoulder four months ago. (FOUR MONTHS!) I did okay, and Cheryl and I both scored about the same. No damage to the shoulder as far as I could tell, but my golf clothes shrunk in my closet! But it was great to be out on the course and I’ve already signed up to play with the girlfriends next week. I’m BACK!!


Below is the #10 par 4 over water. I hate this hole—it’s short, but really hard. I didn’t play all the holes, I sat out the long ones, partly because I was being careful of my shoulder and partly because it was just too bloody hot.


Saturday we went to the track at Del Mar. I don’t know why I bother going, I never bet (thus I never lose) but I enjoy the pageantry and looking at the horses in the paddock.

It was seriously hot and humid in the grandstand—no air at all. We were glistening in the heat.


We took some peeps with us. From left to right are Alan, Holly, Savannah, Chris, and Michelle. Steve, Holly’s beau, was recovering from surgery and couldn’t join us.


After the races we went to dinner at Red Tracton’s. It was way too expensive and huge portions. We shared a meal and still were stuffed to the gunnels.

o (1)

Sunday we made breakfast and bloody Marys for Alan & Cheryl, and sent them on their way back to Los Angeles. A few hours later we had the D’s—Don & Danielle—over to play bridge.

I found I had to be careful telling the difference between the black suits. A reality check that’s troubling.


Today we are resting. Doing nothing. Thanks Cheryl, for the FB pics.


  1. Sounds like life is GOOD.! Great news that you're back on the fairways. Take it slow and you'll be back in the swing (pun intended) of things in no time.
    I managed a birdie and chip in par yesterday !! And then lost one in the tall grass where the creepy things hang out !
    I remember the Palo Verde trees when we were in AZ. They were gorgeous but what a mess.
    I really enjoyed the Japanese Lover....


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